Simple Suomi is your no-frills way to improve your Fi... er, Suomi!

Use a simple flash-card approach to improve your Finnish vocabulary - choose a topic, concentrate on the card and flip when you're ready to answer. You'll choose from 3 options - answer correctly and you'll move to the next card. Answer incorrectly, and you'll be prompted to try again.

Simple Suomi was created after my initial attempt to learn Finnish by studying grammar failed. I knew basic grammatical structures, but was utterly unable to express myself because of lack of vocabulary.

At the suggestion of some Finnish friends, (and driven by the desire to build something to help others in a similar situation), I decided to switch to a brute-force approach... learn words, build vocabulary, be unafraid to mangle sentences and make my friends and coworkers laugh - but BECOME FUNCTIONAL. And so Simple Suomi flashcards was born...